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Welcome to DIGIEGGS World!
  • Announcement
  • August 8, 2022

Welcome to DIGIEGGS World!

We are devoted to the concerted but decentralized research and development of all new life in the Web3.0 space (artificial or otherwise), and DIGIEGGS NFT is our way of inviting you to bring your own life into a dazzling spectrum of worlds being created right before our very eyes!

TAMAGO ECOSYSTEM provides a place for creators, allowing collaborators within the community to unite and hatch their ideas through a symbolic and gamified process.
Alone we may go fast, but together we go far.

Through the Bounty program, we encourage real members to respond to real collective needs within the creator’s ecosystem, in order to make a collaborative push into the Web3.0 space. In turn, based on the type of achievements and contributions made during Bounty hunting seasons, opportunities to claim exclusive “Digital tags” will be rewarded to the members, which can be bred to your favorite DIGIEGGS NFTs, which will be distributed through an exciting Mystery box, as your unique profile of the next generation infrastructures.

Please look forward to the coming updates of the project, including multiple campaigns to be held!

  • Community
  • December 31, 2022

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