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Strategic Partnership with TYO Night DAO
  • Partnership
  • February 24, 2023

Strategic Partnership with TYO Night DAO

We are pleased to announce a relationship between TYO Night DAO and TAMAGO, a web3 R&D initiative for the entertainment sector.

A web3 project "TYO Night DAO" seeks to promote the widespread use of Blockchain technology and Metaverse spaces in the global "night economy."

The way we communicate also changes as society does, which has an impact on how the night economy develops. The market offers a wide variety of entertainment materials and has the ability to capture the interest of many generations.

Participants in its DAO include Metaverse projects like "sine" by META CAMELOT, EDOVERSE, and more to come. These projects work together in the DAO to entice users to partake in nightlife by adding an extra layer of enjoyment provided by brand-new incentive models made possible by Blockchain technology.

TAMAGO will contribute to its project by expanding its token ecosystem, specifically by partnering with other web3 projects and issuing respective Tokens.

Please see the project's whitepaper and social media account links below for further information.

TYO Night DAO Official Twitter:

TYO Night DAO Official Whitepaper:
(*Please make sure to check the latest documents available from their official channels.)

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